" it is me / third person singular will not be used in this press-release / i write it myself / i've lived in this house on Joa 4 which Rundum gave me for a month / i still live here / soon there will be no such house / soon it will be past / not yet / the house is waiting i am waiting / ... / before i got a house i had an idea for it / i imagined what has to be built / i imagined what has to be heard / when i entered this house for a second time / i planted my forethought like one plants a tree / i planted it in the ashes inside an old stove / around which the house is built / in which the house could end / i started to live and it started to grow / together and each on his own / ... / i came here with my books / many first days i sucked them / until one day / a puddle of blue light on my table / floated from the open book to the typewriter / focused on the ribbon in a metal bracket / focused on a little hole in it / hole through which i beat a coming letter and read no more / ... / every evening i open a door for people to come / i create some situations for us / there were three of them here / all unfolding in the silent dark which if lit / was lit by a cold blue flashlight / in hand of a guest / they often trolled along the walls / illuminating images and texts / from the previous situations i created elsewhere / i surrounded myself with those traces of past / those were my ashes and a tree had its own / ... / i heard voices / voices of me rearranging fragments of past / voices imagined speaking the growth in present / i felt this growth day by day as I typed the texts / i felt it through the text palpating me / i felt its growth day by day as I wrapped the wall / in aluminium foil hiding my images behind / ... / i saw a circle / a circular movement that distinguishes this house / a circular movement that made visible disappear and imagined appear / a circular movement that contours my island / yes i live here as on a possible island / and i welcome you here / come / voice and imagine / ... / it is the fourth situation on the same island / but lit from outside by a warm light / ... / in warm silence heartbeat and four voices "